1. Choose your tote

New totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9AM PST. The Mini Tote contains 2 clothing items, one you choose and one surprise. The Golden Tote contains 5 clothing items, two you choose and three surprises. The Surprise Tote contains 3 clothing items, all a surprise.

2. Pick your favorites

Pick one or two items you love, and we’ll surprise you with adorable, stylish clothing, at insider pricing, ensuring you get them for an absolute steal. We're talking more than 50% off retail prices - that works out to around $29 per item. But shhh, nobody else has to know.

3. Select your add-ons

Is there something you just can't live without?
Add items to your order during checkout for a reduced price.

4. Create your style profile

Style your profile and tell us what you like to wear - or what you don't. Every tote is hand-packed based on your profile. The more we know about your shape, size and style, the better we can personalize your picks for a perfect tote.

5. You're golden

That's it, you're done! Wait for your shipping confirmation and delivery.

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